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(Dr. Mike Errico in his Halloween costume!)

Tooth Fairies Around The World

The Tooth Fairy is a mystical figure that has eased the stress and anxiety of tooth loss for children all over the world, leaving coins and gifts. Some believe in Tooth Fairy Land, way up in the sky and the teeth she collects shine so bright, they appear as stars in the night sky.

Centuries ago in Europe, it was common practice when a child’s baby tooth fell out, to bury it in the garden so a new tooth would grow in its place.  It also served as a protector against superstitious curses by hiding the tooth from a possible misfortune. As people migrated to cities where gardens were few, they began placing their teeth in small flowerpots or planter boxes.  Eventually, the tooth was placed under the child’s pillow.  In Mexico, the child’s tooth is also put under their pillow, but a mythical mouse, not a fairy takes the tooth.

In Japan, a lower baby tooth would be thrown up onto the roof.  An upper tooth would be thrown underneath the en-no-shita, the floor of a Japanese house.  This myth would allow the lower teeth to grow straight upward and the upper to grow straight down. In England, some children practice a middle-age tradition of dropping it into a fire, protecting them from superstitions.

In the end, whatever the tradition is, the purpose of the mythical and elusive tooth fairy has brought a toothless smile every time the child wakes up and finds the tooth is gone. Think about it, have you ever seen a child not beam like a star at that moment.

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