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Restorative Dentistry

You can get regular cleanings and general dentistry and yet there may still be a need for what is known as restorative dentistry too. In our Rolling Meadows, IL office, Mike Errico DDS and Associates offers a long list of restorative dentistry solutions that are meant to give you back your natural speech, bite and ability to chew and swallow. After all, this is what comes of losing natural teeth to accident, age, or decay, and even if you practice superior oral hygiene you may find yourself in need of such care.

What do we include in our line-up of restorative dentistry services? Dr. Errico can provide our patients with a full menu of treatments that include:

Dentures – Long considered the most popular form of restorative dentistry because the full or partial dentures could replace any missing teeth, enabling you to still look, speak and eat like normal, they are now only one of several choices available when you lose one or more teeth. We can even discuss dentures that are secured with implants if that appeals to you.

Dental Implants – Let’s just look at these from the most current view as implants have long had a questionable reputation that they do not deserve. They are multiple-part devices that are surgically implanted into the jaw and gum, serving as a total replacement for a natural tooth. Unlike dentures, implants are permanent and will prevent issues like gum and jaw recession or shrinkage and help to sustain the long-term health of your bite.

Dental Crowns – These are a very common approach to restorative dentistry and replace the original, natural crown of the tooth. They actually fit over the remaining portion of your natural tooth, and are used when too much tooth has to be removed for a filling, they are used to top a dental implant, and are typically part of a root canal as well. They look exactly like the natural tooth and serve to protect and preserve the tooth for years afterward.

As you can see, dentures, dental implants and dental crowns are remarkably options for restoring damaged or missing teeth. They provide a series of flexible solutions to almost dental issue, and you will want to speak with Dr. Errico DDS about your needs during a regular exam or appointment.

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If you have questions about dentures, implants or crowns, or wish to discuss your restorative dentistry options with Dr. Errico, give us a call at our Rolling Meadows, IL office at 847-788-0808. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.

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