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Dental Implants

Have you just heard about dental implants? Maybe you had a visit with Mike Errico DDS in our Rolling Meadows, IL office and you heard you were a candidate for implant dentistry? It is likely that you have some questions, but you should know that dental implants are now one of the most trusted and effective solutions available.

In the past, implant dentistry had a dubious reputation, but that was decades ago and today the success rate for most treatments is around 95-98%, which is better than many other options. Implants are just as they sound, they are a multiple-part appliance that is surgically implanted into the jaw and gum. When the implant has healed fully, it is topped with a dental crown, giving it the look of a natural tooth.

Because dental implants cannot decay, the use of them eliminates any need for worry about them, though you will want to get regular cleanings and checkups as gum disease is always a potential threat to any dental patient.

One thing that many patients do not realize about dental implants is that they are one of the best ways to uphold your long-term dental health and well-being. This is because they are inserted into the bone and gum. When you have a natural tooth, the bone and gum actually interact with the tooth through nerves and blood vessels. When the roots of the tooth are lost and there is an empty space left behind, it opens the door to all kinds of problems.

A missing tooth allows the surrounding teeth to shift, leading to a change in your bite. This can cause wear and tear to the teeth, bring on conditions like bruxism and TMJ, or cause headaches and problems eating. The missing tooth also causes the bone and gum tissue to recede. Without the signals from the tooth, the body recognizes that there is no need for the support, and so it shrinks. Over time, this can also change your bite pattern, and even the appearance of your face.

Using dental implants, then, retains the optimal health of the jaw and gum tissue, preserves your natural bite, ensures that you speak, eat, and look like normal, and they look great! They can even anchor bridges or dentures too! It is why implant dentistry is so often labeled as a form of cosmetic and restorative dentistry too!

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