Don’t Panic about Root Canals

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Some people hear the words “root canal” and immediately feel a sense of fear and anxiety. This is probably caused by stories they’ve heard from older friends and relatives who endured the procedure years ago. These days, root canal treatment is no longer the lengthy, painful procedure that it was in the past. Why is […]

Dealing with Dental Anxiety

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Do you get a nervous twinge when you think about going to the dentist? There are some easy ways to overcome the anxiety that might be keeping you from maintaining proper dental health. Regular visits to your dentist can help you prevent dental diseases and catch any problems at an early, easily treatable stage. The […]

Why Did I Wait So Long

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That is what our patient has to be thinking… Why did I wait so long for this beautiful smile?  In one day, albeit a long day, Dr. Mike Errico changed this patient’s teeth using crowns and bridges.  His wife was so grateful! General Dentistry | Family Dentist in Arlington Heights | Oral Care

Shop Class Gone Wrong

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Here is what can happen when you mess around with friends in Shop Class!  Dr. Mike Errico repaired this tooth using chair side composite.  This 18 year old young man left the office very happy!

Tooth Fairies Around The World

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(Dr. Mike Errico in his Halloween costume!) Tooth Fairies Around The World The Tooth Fairy is a mystical figure that has eased the stress and anxiety of tooth loss for children all over the world, leaving coins and gifts. Some believe in Tooth Fairy Land, way up in the sky and the teeth she collects […]

Composite Veneers

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Our patient showed beginning decay after his braces were removed.  Dr. Mike placed some chair side composite veneers to give him a much healthier, happy smile!

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