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Not all teeth end up lasting a lifetime. Through the years they sustain wear and injury, which can lead to broken teeth, fractured teeth, or advanced tooth decay. When fillings aren’t an option, your Rolling Meadows dentist may recommend a dental crown.

Dental crowns encase a whole tooth, preserving and restoring it to its original size, shape, and function. This is usually a preferable alternative to complete tooth extraction.

Dr. Mike Errico, DDS can install dental crowns that don’t just serve a good purpose – they look just like a natural, healthy tooth. The crown will be made based on a mold of the original tooth, so it can fit in your mouth comfortably. A temporary crown may be placed before the final crown is ready to be installed.

What Makes Dental Crowns Great?

The first benefit, and the reason why many patients choose them, is that they preserve damaged teeth. Although there are cases where they are necessary, dental extractions have a long healing process and may have more complications following the procedure. The necessary mouth adjustment is usually less for installing a crown than for extracting a damaged tooth and implanting an artificial tooth. Another benefit is that dental crowns give you the look of a dental implant without the intensity of a procedure. The professional staff at Mike Errico DDS and Associates can advise you on what dental procedure can best fit your oral health needs.

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